Willy Street Park is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit community corporation whose sole purpose is to own and operate the park at Williamson and Brearly Streets in Madison. To donate, send contributions to PO BOX 3023, Madison WI 53704. For more information, call 608-242-0712


The purpose of the Willy Street Park Society Incorporated:

(A) To exist as a private sector organization which shall maintain a park at 1002 Williamson Street, Madison, Wisconsin, for the neighborhood’s benefit;

(B) To nourish and develop the Willy Street Park so that it is satisfyingly attractive, safe, healthy and natural;

(C) To sustain an open membership policy which strongly encourages the citizens of our community to be actively, influentially and benignly involved in all aspects of the Willy street Park’s maintenance, improvement and governance;

(D) To develop a program that quickens and teaches good stewardship of the Willy Street Park and of our beloved earth’

(E) To maintain the Willy Street Park as a place where children may play in safety, pleasure and refreshment; and

(F) To encourage the presence and demonstration of artists, musicians, poets, prophets, orators and such other public or private events as are suitable for a neighborhood park.

– From the corporation bylaws.