The Tree Conversation

The issue of the silver maples came up again at our board of directors meeting on Sunday. Neighbor and activist Gary Tipler offered to raise money for us if we’d take them all down. The directors wouldn’t take it. Lose the shade? Not a chance.

“I think silver maples get a bad rap,” said Forrester Barry, a climbing arborist. “They’re so beautiful!” others echo. Much discussion.

They shed. Too weak for city trees. Jeff Roe, the state urban forester when we made the tree plan, suggested taking all the silver maples down and starting over. It’s the official line!

Dick Guyot, a longtime volunteer and daily visor, hated the silver maples. “Swamp weeds,” was his opinion. The soft wood couldn’t be worked to his satisfaction. A no-good tree.

Our tree plan envisions replacing them gradually. We have taken a few, over the years. But no one can bear cutting ANY of them. 40 years of growing so beautifully! Forrester and Sean Gere, another arborist, have spent years climbing these trees and shaping the jewel woods on Williamson Street.

An oak tree, discussed again. Likely now.
We have a project scheduled for September, import soil, transplant trees, install media. Plant ferns and other greenery. Good time for an oak tree.

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